Friday, May 8, 2009

Dead Fly

There was a dead fly in my bathtub this morning.  Like always, Nick was roaming around while I got myself ready.  He noticed the fly and wanted to climb in the tub, but I stopped him.....I hate it when kids play with dead bugs!  So instead of playing with it, he leaned over the tub and started talking to it.  Can you guess what he said?  He said "meow".

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Nick has known for a while now that dogs say "ruff" and cats say "meow", but I think it's time I really start to focus on how a cow says "moo" and a duck says "quack" and so on.  I think he's starting to believe that all animals (other than dogs) say "meow".  He was holding a stuffed penguin in the car on Saturday and he kept guessed it, "meow".  This morning he brought me one of Bryn's monkeys and once again started meowing.  He cracks me up!

Here are some cute pictures I've taken of him in the past few weeks..........

Bryn dressed him up this way; he's her little Ken doll.

Watching the Three Stooges with Daddy.....we have a tv, I don't know why they were watching it on a computer.

Dave put the shirt on his head like this and Nick loved it!

Chillin' in the stroller.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Mom's Birthday

Tomorrow, May 2nd, is my mother's birthday.  She would have been 68 years old.  Here are some great pictures of her......

This is her graduation picture.  I think it was taken sometime around 1958 or 1959.

I'm going to guess 1969 on this one.  Hey Nancy, are you there?  Am I right?

I am a little biased, but she was the best mom!