Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Allison got married!

Yes, my niece Allison got married over fall break to Zach Zavoral. It was a wonderful wedding and reception. Here they are coming out of the Idaho Falls Temple..........

I LOVE how Zach twirled her around so everyone could see her dress. He actually dipped her and gave her a big kiss when they first came out of the temple. I have a little video clip of that....I'll try to post that later.

This is a picture of the Bride & Groom with all of her cousins. I hate that Nick has a binky in this picture, but it was either that or a screamin' fit. I'd rather have the binky!

Dave and I at the reception..........after a LONG two days of travel for Dave. He was in New Hampshire for business, then delayed in D.C. where he had to spend the night without his suitcase, then off to Denver where the plane had trouble with the landing gear and had to turn around and go back to Denver, and then FINALLY to Idaho Falls where he was very late & missed the wedding. But that's okay, because he was safe! And he did get to attend the reception.

Nick had it! He was so sleepy and we let him sleep on the floor during the reception. It was a great day!


Dustin, Darci, Britton, & Benjamin said...

I love that toddlers can sleep on the floor anywhere!

Our Little Corner said...

Not my toddler...not my baby, nor my 6 year old. That girl was a bed sleeper or nothing at all!
Anyway, I was waiting for this with baited breath. I was hoping it was wonderful and it looks like it was. She looks very princessish in her gloves. I love that. They are a cute couple.
I have a problem with reading some(most of the) times. When you said Dave spent the night without his suitcase, I read "Dave spent the night with his suitcase" and I wondered why you bothered mentioning that. :) Makes sense when I read what you actually wrote. HOORAY FOR WEDDINGS!

Julie said...

Shilo, you crack me up!

Allison said...

YAY! I love it :) I'll send you some better pictures once I get more organized. Oh, ps I have a blog :) pps I love you!