Thursday, December 23, 2010

Not-So-Nice Santa

We took the kids to the mall today to visit Santa. We tried going to a different mall the other day and it was CRAZY busy, so we decided to go to the mall we usually go to. It's not the nicest mall, but it's close, the line to see Santa is always short, and the girls behind the camera always let us take our own pictures.

When we got there, we noticed that the poster with the photo prices had a note on the bottom saying (paraphrasing), "We kindly ask that you don't use your cameras in Santa's court so that we can continue to bring Santa to the mall every year." Okay, no problem, we'll just take pictures from the gate - zoom in a little and it will be perfect.

Well, when it was our turn, I started taking pictures of Nick & Santa. Nick was looking my way, so no problem...........

Bryn went up and started talking to Santa. As you can see, she wasn't facing me, so I yelled out to Dave to position her in a way where we could get a good shot. That's when Santa noticed me outside of the gate. He told Dave that we were not suppose to use our camera. Dave explained that I was outside of the gate, like the sign said, and that we just wanted one shot of Bryn with him. He said he would not pose and would not look my way.

That's fine; we understand that they're trying to make a living. We only wanted the one picture of Nick anyway :-) Here we are stealing some more shots outside of the gate......

Merry Christmas from the Carattinis!

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Our Little Corner said...

That's when you yell at the top of your lungs, "WELL YOU'RE NOT EVEN THE REAL SANTA!" and storm off. Santa's are getting a little snooty lately if you ask me. None of them let you snap your own photos. It's kind of a pain. We didn't even see one this year. That'll show em!