Friday, February 27, 2009

Cards with the Lowders

While in Utah, we learned a new game called Nines.  We loved it.  I think that's the only game we played the whole time we where there.  I could sit at their table and play games for a week straight.  I love to talk and laugh with's so much fun!  THEY are so much fun!  I know it's strange, but I love the picture of Nancy showing off her Olivia Newton John shirt.....and don't mess with Hayley and the laser beams coming out of her eyes (she'll take you down!)


Our Little Corner said...

There is a place where they let you play cards for a week straight. They even keep bringing you drinks. It's called Vegas. :)

deborah said...

julie knows all about vegas... in fact i think we need to have a road trip!!

Rebecca said...

I love cards! You'll have to tell me how to play Nine. Looks like you had a great visit!