Saturday, February 28, 2009

Drew and Kellie

The whole reason for going to Utah was to attend my cousin, Kellie's, wedding.  She married Drew last Friday at the Maddox (yummiest wedding I've ever been too!).  It was beautiful and she was beautiful.  I'm so glad we went.  It was so nice to be there for her, but also to see the rest of the family as well.

Drew and Kellie

Uncle Bruce walking her down the isle.

That's me and Dave, of course :-)

Me and my blisters.....I mean sisters.  Left to right: me, Nancy, and Vicky.


deborah said...

i like her wedding dress...looks like good times, sorry you had to come back to arizona, maybe we need a card night.

Our Little Corner said...

I second Deborah's comment. I love the trend lately of the differnt colors on dresses, like the colored sashes, or the colored underlay. I think it's unique. Anyway, looks like a good time. Why didn't you take a photo of the food? That's why you went, right? :)
That picture of you and Dave is really good too!