Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy Birthday, Vic!

Vicky's birthday was yesterday. Hippo Birdies Two Eves! So, just for fun I found a few funny pictures to share :-)

Dave and Vicky in the 1960s (I'm sure Nancy will know what year it was).

And speaking of Nancy, here she is with Vicky in the 1970s. Nancy is the one that looks like a deer in headlights.


Allison said...

Oh my GOSH! Look at those dresses!!! hahahahaha And my Mom- that's totally Janelle!

Our Little Corner said...

The set of books on the shelf, second up from the bottom....we had that same set. Oh how I loved them.

Julie said...

Shilo, look at the piano. Does it look familiar?

Our Little Corner said...

Oh I am so embarassed!