Friday, July 31, 2009

4th of July!

I know, I know....this post is almost a month late, but Dave did remind me that it is still July. So, it could be worse :-) Anyway, we went to Utah for the 4th. My brother-in-law's niece (that just reminded me of a scene in Ferris Bueller's Day Off) lives behind the stadium at BYU and she invited us all over to watch the fireworks. The Jonas brothers were performing and although we couldn't see them, we did hear them. It was lots of fun. We ate licorice, laughed, sang along, Dave crashed a Luau and brought back some yummy eats. Vicky pulled out the glow sticks after it got dark and just before it rained. Luckily, the rain only lasted a few minutes. It was great. The Lowders know how to party!

HapPY bIRthDay, aMerIcA!!

Dave and Bryn.....Todd is lounging in the background.

Ya, glow sticks!!

Holly, Janelle, and Janelle's roommate, Malissa.

Hayley and Janelle's nasty foot.

Hayley, forcing Nick to love her. Nick, wanting to get away.


Todd B. Lowder, Party Animal.

Zach and Allison.....getting married Oct. 10th!!

Nick and Hayley playing football. Nick looks like an Aussie in that cute little hat. I love it!

Malissa, Hayley, and Janelle.

All the girls (and Nick).


Vicky said...

Yes we do know how to party and we love having company to party with! Come again soon!

Dustin, Darci, Britton, & Benjamin said...

Very fun!

Shenna said...

I've always loved the stadium fireworks - we used to watch those when I was a kid. Fun stuff!