Sunday, July 19, 2009

Back to Bloggin'

I recently took a trip to Utah and then onto Elko, and on the way home my computer crashed. That was a week ago and Dave just yesterday got everything running again so I'm ready to blog about my trip. While in Utah, my nieces and sister expressed (very often) how frustrated they are that I don't update my blog very much anymore. I'm glad they've enjoyed it and I have promised to update it more often. I'll try to get it done before logging onto facebook :-)

(Janelle & Vicky: If I'm going to update it, you better leave comments!!)


Our Little Corner said...

Aren't my comments good enough? HAHAHAHAHA! I'd appreciate you updating more often too. It makes you seem closer somehow. :)

Julie said...

Shilo, your comments are what keep me going during the tough times :-) I just need to break my bad facebook-habit.