Friday, September 19, 2008

Flashback Friday: Wax Museum

My friend Becky has had "flashback fridays" on her blog and I thought that was a fun idea.  Hope you don't mind I stole your idea, Becky:-)

So here is a scary one.  I grew my bangs out in early 2002.  NOT a good look for me.  These are pictures of me and my nephew, Alex (Nancy's oldest), at the Wax Museum in Anaheim, Ca.  Dave was there for business, but Jodi and Alex flew down to play with me and Bryn.  I had to see this museum, and now I can say I've been there and I never have to go back.  It was kind of creepy.

This is my favorite shot.  It's not a good one of me, but I love Donny Osmond.

So there you go, weird wax figures and me without bangs.


deborah said...

you look great without bangs. donny and marie need a little help. i have been to a wax museum and they are creepy, but now i can cross it off my list as well.

Our Little Corner said...

I look horrid with no bangs. You are my kindred no bangs sister!

Jessica said...

We bloggers steal ideas like a hungry monkey steals bananas. It's all in the name of blogging. I think anything with Donny and Marie is kind of scary. Can't wait 'til next Friday's Flashback.

Jessica said...

Oh, and that was Becky's post. I'm logged on as Jessica. Same thing really.