Monday, September 29, 2008


I ordered a 29 lbs. box of peaches from a woman at church who gets them from Utah (not sure how) and so today I dove in and made jam and peach cobbler.  I just about burned the house down while making the jam.  I had two pots going at once.  I added pectin to one pot and then turned around to rinse my hands and by the time I turned back around the second pot was overflowing all over my flat, glass-top stove!  I moved the pot off the heat and the jam bubbled up all over the stove top.  Then it started to burn all over the stove top, so of course the house filled with smoke and I had a MAJOR mess to clean up.  I used a razor blade and the special stove top cleaner and after a half hour it was clean.  What a pain!

So, anyway, making the jam was a long and messy process, but I'm glad I did it.  Mom would be so proud.  She'd also think I was stupid for letting the jam boil over.


Rebecca said...

Send some my way! Ah, you are a molly homemaker. A MollyPest.

Julie said...

I guess you could call me Mest or a Polly. Making all that stuff does give you a Molly homemaker kind of warm fuzzy :-)

Jessica said...

Ha ha. At least you didn't burn yourself either Polly!