Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Gateway Children's Museum

This last summer while we were in Utah, I wanted to take Bryn to the Gateway Discovery Children's Museum located at the Gateway Mall in Salt Lake City.  I had heard wonderful things about it and hoped Bryn would have a great time there.  I'm glad we went, it was lots of fun.  If you have a chance, take your kids!

We took Bryn's cousins with us - Alex and Holly. You won't see Alex in these pictures because he kept running away from the camera. 

This is Bryn and Holly enjoying lunch at Applebees before we went to the museum.

Building together with huge, soft blocks.

Riding a fake horse that was on a fake farm.

I liked this part....it was a little grocery store where the kids could gather lots of different items and then "check out" at the register.

This was a station within the grocery store; it was a deli.  All kinds of breads, meats, and other sandwich items (all plastic) to put together any way they wanted.


Ginormous Legos.  There's Alex in the background.

This was my favorite.  And I think it was their favorite too.  They were there for the longest time.  They could see themselves on a monitor up above and there was a teleprompter (spelling?) between the cameras.  There was a station off to the side where someone could change what was on the teleprompter.  They could even record it and play it back.  Very cool!

This is a real helicopter parked on top of the building.  The kid in the front kept screaming like he was under attack.  It was very annoying.

There are lots of other cool things.  It was really great.  We will definitely be going back there.  I'm sure Nick will love it when he's older.


Vicky said...

Just after you guys went to the museum there was an article in the paper about them having financial problems. I hope it's still around for Nick to go to someday. Holly sure had a great time there!

Cheryl said...

I'm so glad you posted pictures about the museum because I was thinking about taking my kids there in October. Was it pricey??

Jessica said...

Cute pictures!!! I love the fake horse...I'm too scared of horses...I was told if you get too close then they'll bite your hand off! So I better go to this museum to experience riding a horse! he he