Saturday, November 1, 2008

Flashback Friday: Bryn's Second Halloween

I was going to post this yesterday, but we had a very busy Halloween.  This is Bryn in 2003.  She was almost 2.  I bought her a ladybug costume.  It is so cute, I still have it.  But she wouldn't pose for any pictures.  It has a cute hood with antenna on top, but she wouldn't put it on.  We tried and tried to get her to keep it on her head, but as you can see she wouldn't have any part of it.  These are the only two picture I have....isn't that sad?

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Our Little Corner said...

When Natalee was almost 2 I bought a bee costume from Kohls for Halloween. It was the cutest thing ever...EVER! It was fuzzy black and yellow, with a hood and crazy antenas. The butt was stuffed and there was a large stinger coming out the back.
However, that year Natalee was a cat for Halloween....WHY? She would cry, cry like she was actually being tortured, whenever I brought the costume in her line of sight. I think she was scared of it or something. The only thing she'd wear that year was an outfit I found that happened to have cat ears on the hoodie and a cat face on the chest.
With the recent fun we just had with Halloween costumes, this is looking like a trend.