Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Pesty Rolls

My "pest" friend, Jessica sent me the recipe for her mother's yummy rolls.  They were surprisingly easy to make and turned out perfect!  I'm very excited to make them for Thanksgiving.  Thanks, Jessica!!


bethany said...'re not going to share the recipe with the rest of us? Instead you just tempt us with pictures of perfect rolls. Nice.

Guess I'll be coming over to eat at your house :)

Julie said...

I didn't even think about that. I'll post the recipe after I get the "okay" to pass it on.

Jessica said...

I first saw the back rolls and I'm like...I don't remember them being green. Duh, it's the color of the saran wrap! ha ha. It's fine by me to give the recipe out...I'm sure it's okay with my mom too! Man, makes me want to make some myself! I hope you really truly enjoyed them!

Jessica said...

and back rolls, I mean, the rolls in the back of the picture. Sheesh. I hate it when I think something and my fingers type something else!

Our Little Corner said...

My gosh, I do so love a good roll. I might have to try these.