Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bryn turns 7!

Bryn's 7th birthday was on Monday.  She helped me pick out one picture from each year of her life, but we didn't have one of her when she was 7 (she didn't want the cute one I took last week because she was still 6).  So I have finally uploaded one of her taken on Monday when she was officially 7.








Monday, November 24, 2008!

She got a wii and picked out a new friend at Build-a-Bear.  It was a great day!


Jessica said...

Cute! They grow up so stinkin' fast. I remember you brought her to our reception in 2002...she was just a little baby!! hAPPY Thanksgiving to you! I hope you enjoy all the pesty rolls : )

Our Little Corner said...

Happy Birthday to Bryn! I remember when she was born and it was kind of scary. :( We were so worried for all of you.
Also, and I don't know why I remember this, but when she was still pretty small (I wasn't yet pregnant with Natalee so it was the first few months) Dave told us how his family all thought her name was Brynann instead of Bryn Ann. He said he had to keep correcting people. Like I said, I don't know why I remember that, but the way he told the story was funny.
Gosh, I babble here just like in real life.

Julie said...

That's why we love you, Shilo!

Rachel said...

What a cutie. i like the tongue sticking out...she would fit in with the crazy chandler pictures found on jessica's blog. :)

deborah said...

alice loved looking at all the pictures... she had so much fun at build a bear. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRYN.

Our Little Corner said...

I've always wondered why you like me. Guess now I know. :)
I love your new background, BTW! Very festive!