Monday, December 1, 2008


We had a great Thanksgiving this year.  My brother and his family came out from Buckeye and our friends Jeff & Deborah joined us too.  Jeff fried a turkey.  It was wonderful!  We're now thinking about buying a turkey fryer.  My brother said he'd go in on it with us and then we could share custody of it.

I had some dough in the freezer from my friend's roll recipe, so I pulled it out the night before and  made cinnamon rolls with it.  They were awesome!  The only problem is that now Dave thinks we should have cinnamon rolls for breakfast every year for I'm not busy enough on that day already?  If I had known ahead of time how crazy that morning was going to be, I would have left the dough in the freezer.

After dinner, we played with the wii and then later enjoyed pumpkin, apple, and cherry pie.  Well, I didn't really enjoy the apple pie....I made that one myself and I didn't add enough sugar, so it wasn't very good.  Lesson of the day; add more sugar to apple pie next year.


Our Little Corner said...

This reminds me of a Thanksgiving several years ago, maybe the first or second we were married, where my grandma didn't put sugar in any of the pies. We are all choking them down and she's telling us that she didn't add the sugar since sugar is so bad for you. It's still a joke with us to this day.
And yes, fried turkeys are the BOMB!

Jennifer Randolph said...

The cinnamon rolls look amazing. You have to share how to make them with your pest roll recipe!

Tanya said...

The cinnamon rolls looked awesome -- of course I doubt I would ever make them. Too much work :)