Friday, December 12, 2008

Flashback Friday: December 2003

In December of 2003, Dave, Bryn, and I were living in Syracuse, Utah.  We had a LOT of snow that Christmas.  Bryn loved it.  We had a snow blower, but it wasn't working well.  Dave would go out almost every day and shovel snow.  One evening, our neighbor brought over his 4-wheeler that had a plow hooked up to the front.  He had our drive way clear in just a few was really nice.

Bryn loved to wear this hat and the gloves even if we were in the house.

This is Dave shoveling our huge driveway.  That's my sister, Nancy pulling in  behind him.

This is our house with the lights up.  I loved that house!


Maylene said...

Bryn is so cute in that picture...and your old house looks gorgeous. It looks really big. Too bad you had to move here :) Well except that at least Dave doesn't have to shovel all that snow!

deborah said...

oh man, i HATE snow... mainly the shoveling of it... it looks gorgeous though, and your house is so pretty, maybe dave will buy it back again and it can be your utah vacation home... next time you take a picture of it close the garage door.

Jessica said...

What a cute house!!! And Bryn looks so dang cute! Hopefully you guys don't miss shoveling the snow...which is what we're going to have to do the next couple of days. argh. Well, I won't complain. I'm not the one shoveling! ha ha

Cheryl said...

Great, now I am just too excited to move to Utah! :) Cute picture of Bryn.

Our Little Corner said...

I loved that house too because it was relitively close to my house!
We did have so much snow that winter. Yuck!