Sunday, December 14, 2008

Visit with Santa

We went up to the Arrowhead mall to visit Santa this year.  We waited in line for over and hour!  Well, I waited while Dave and the kids walked around the mall.  They found a wii Experience center where you can play all kinds of wii games.  We could have spent the whole day there.  It was lots of fun.  And, of course, we had a Wetzel's Pretzel before leaving.

This is the first picture I took and the only one where Nick would look at the camera.  He wasn't too afraid, I think he just wanted to get down and run around.

Here he is trying to escape.  Notice the smile on his face....what's up with that?

Bryn told Santa she wanted a bouncy ball and a Star Wars board game.  Dave told her she should have asked Santa for the really expensive stuff so we wouldn't have to buy it :-)

Santa tried to pound knuckles with Nick.  It took him a few moments, but he finally gave in and gave the jolly old man some love.  Of course, I couldn't take the picture fast enough, but this
was close enough.


Jessica said...

What a cool lookin' santa! At least they're weren't crying on his lap!!!

Our Little Corner said...

That is a good looking Santa. Sometimes they look so fake. We had the kid's photo taken with the Santa at University Mall last year and man, what a disapointment. He was wearing these velvet capri pants, striped socks and birkenstock clogs. On the top he had a blue shirt with Santas on it. His hair and beard were real, but come on, commit buddy!
It all reminds me of the Santa in A Christmas Story who said to the elf, "Oh no, I got a wet one."

Jennifer Randolph said...

We have a squirmy worm too--Claire cannot sit still for longer than a minute before she just wants to go, go, go! It can drive her mom a little nuts!