Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Queen of Scum!

I love to play Scum.  I think it's one of the best card games around.  We recently taught Mike and Larri how to play.  I love having friends to play this game with!

We went over to their house this evening for pizza, games, and a little New Year cheer.  We took Apples to Apples and Parcheesi, but Mike wanted to play Scum.  All I could say way, "Yes! Bring it on!"  Well, those probably were not my exact words, but I was saying it on the inside.  It was great!  We played for approx. 3 hours.  Once again, it was great!  I never made it to scum and I was only slime once.  We laughed a lot and Mike only swore a couple of times :-)

Okay Millers, keep practicing and we'll be back for more later!

hApPY neW YeAR!!


The Crawford's 3 said...

Ok...I have never heard of Scum...You'll have to explain it sometime, but it sounds like you had a blast!

Larri said...

"Choke on them there cards sometime, why don't you?"

Julie said...

Bring it on, Larri!!!

Tanya said...

Now you have another game you'll have to teach us.