Monday, October 6, 2008

Fall Break!

Here in Arizona the kids get a "fall break" in October.  Bryn's break is this week (some schools have two weeks off!) and we decided it would be fun to paint some Halloween and fall crafts.  Not sure what else we'll be doing to pass the time this week.  Got any ideas??

Happy Fall to All!!


Grannie said...

OK Pest. I wanted to write this where you posted the pest invasion, but could not find where to do it! I am going to do MY blog soon!

As clarification, I visited your mother a lot and SHE called ME a pest!! That's where it started. I also called her Berb. When I was RS president, your father Galen was High Priest group leader. Boy, was he a super one, too. In fact, if everyone took his calling that seriously, we would all benefit. He did not mind that people told him to "get lost". He smiled and became friends with them as much as he could.

Anyway, there was an elderly sister in the ward. We needed to find her an assisted living place. Her adult son was not able to help and no one else was available. So the pest went with me and a woman running the home called her "Berbera" so that is how she got the name Berb! It was so hilarious every time the lady called her "Berbera" that I had a hard time keeping a straight face. From that time on, she was Berb to me.

I really miss her. I used to visit her every day when she became ill. Remember when Stephen took his ratmobile to show her?? My kids all loved her and visited her, too.

deborah said...

as far as ideas, i would have only had one painting project a day not all in one day... but i guess that gives you time to go out to lunch with me every day.

Larri said...

Lets get together, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
Lets get together, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
wasn't that an old Partrich (how in the heck do you spell that birds name?) song? We would love to play, do some fall crafts, learn to hang from the rafters by our toes, anything. I have some craft stuff from last year. We start school at 5am so we are just about finished by 7. That gives us all day and Ben has started to realize he is bored!! He had never said that in all his eight years. I think he is often bored but he had never thought to give the feeling a name or voice it.

Anyway we would love to have fun. You could even come over and help me with a blog and the kids could jump on the trampoline -everyone could come over for that matter.

Rebecca said...

What the heck is Fall break? Isn't that Thanksgiving break? I may have to teach in AZ. Crafts? Don't forget decorating sugar cookies. Start the FHE phantom. My friend painted these cool fuzzy nuts from trees and stuck pipe cleaners in them and they look like spiders. Make a gigantic spider web out of yarn.

Vicky said...

You can always come to Utah and we can play!!

Jessica said...

You are stinkin' lucky...well, if I was her age I would be! Plus if Wade worked in AZ he'd have that time off too. Sigh, guess we have to be unlucky up here in Utah! Martha Stewart has good ideas for crafts...I like the paper bag idea that looks like a broom. I'm sure you can find it in the Halloween section...wait, that's just a temporary craft cause the broom is filled with candy!!! But I'm sure you'll find lots of ideas on her website.

Our Little Corner said...

That was a lot of paint projects in one day. :)
Go to my blog and check out the shirt I made for Natalee. Bryn would probably like that. Natalee couldn't really help a ton, but she liked squishing the shirt in the dye and picking out which pumpkin got which face.