Sunday, October 19, 2008

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, OH MY GOSH!

I went to Super Target with some friends the other night and look what we found:

I have been waiting for this game for YEARS!  I love Seinfeld and I love the scene it games.  This was a very exciting find!  I convinced Deborah to buy it since I knew it would make a great Christmas gift at our house and I wasn't going to wait until Christmas to play it.

Jeff and Deborah came over last night to see who knew the most about Seinfeld.  Guess who won..............we were all shocked when it was Dave.  I think that's the first time he's won a game in months; and we play the Disney scene it game almost every Sunday.  Jeff barely made it off of start.  He needs to watch more Seinfeld.  Way to go, Dave!  (for the record, I came in second and Deborah came in third-the Carattinis ROCK!)


deborah said...

i would like the record to show that i was nursing my baby through out the game and jeff was too lazy to get of the chair therefore julie would roll for us and, wierd, she always rolled a one. now i will state jeff just stunk at the game, but she knew i was true competition.

Jessica said...

I SO need to get that for Wade for Christmas! He's a Seinfeld NUT. *eyeball roll*. Glad you didn't lose. It sucks! ha ha

Our Little Corner said...

We, the Harrisons, hearby challenge you, the Carattinis to a Seinfeld Scene It challenge. This means war!
Doesn't mean that we'll win said challenge, but we would like to extend the challenge.
And you should care that I'm going to hell....even though I AM NOT!

The Wyatt Spot! said...

How fun! We love Seinfeld and I had no idea they had the Seinfeld edition of Scene It! Great Find! I'll have to check out that new Super Target!

Shenna said...

I have yet to check out this Super Target. Every time I see your blog it reminds me I need to go. You make it sound so exciting! Who am I would get me out of the house. That is VERY exciting. :)

Julie said...

Deborah - Don't believe her. She is a liar! Just look at her blog. Jeff gave the baby a bottle and she rolled for herself. Shame on you, Deborah! You've dirtied the Seinfeld name.

Shilo - BRING IT! And bring some water too, because these pretzels are making me thirsty.