Friday, October 3, 2008

Flashback Friday: My Brother's Birthday!

Today is my oldest brother's (Dave) birthday.  He is 46!  Wow, he's getting old :-)  Since it's Flashback Friday, I decided to post some pictures of him from the past.
This is Dave, not sure how old he is, with (from left to right) my Great Grandmother (we called her Emmie), my Mother, and my Grandmother.  It was 1962 or 1963.

This is Dave (in the red shirt) burying me in the sand on the Oregon coast.  The boy in blue trunks is my brother Steve and the other kid is a family friend....I think his name is Glen?  It was the late 70's.

This is Dave with his RC planes sometime in the mid to late 80's.

As you can see, Dave (left) is always the life of the party.  This was at Nick's 1st birthday party in February. That's my Dave on the right.

Happy Birthday, Dave!


Our Little Corner said...

I love (brother) Dave's Car Boobs and (husband) Dave's sweet hat!

Our Little Corner said...

Ah shoot! Now I look like an idiot! I thought those were little toy cars, then I made the photo bigger and it's Hats!
I love (brother) Dave's cones and (husband) Dave's Hat!

Rebecca said...

We're all a little obsessed with our chests, huh!

Jessica said...

Wow! I love those pictures! Can't believe how young your mom looks!!! It's hard to imagine my mom being young too! ha ha. Cute though!