Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Super Saturday!

I must admit to the world that preparing for Super Saturday is very stressful and I am glad it's over, BUT I must also say that it was lots of fun and I did meet lots of great people from my ward and the wards around us.  Some of those people were EXTREMELY helpful and worked really hard to pull this off.  I feel very blessed that I was able to work with these individuals and learn from them.  So, thanks to: Allie, Christina, Heidi, Angela, Faye (and Jerry), Kathy, Jeannette, Holly, Amy D., Yolanda (and sister), Kristen, Amber, Amy A.(and husband), Sandy & Kim, The Young Woman of the Crystal Gardens ward, The Callahans who provided lunch, and I have to thank Conny Lindeman because she was not on any of the committees and she didn't teach any classes, but she helped clean up and she was there until the bitter end.



Jessica said...

Look at that dang good dessert! yummyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Cute crafts too : )Looks like it went really well for you.

Our Little Corner said...

Having once pulled off a Super Saturday I know for a fact that you're happy and relieved. :) I'm glad it went so well.