Monday, October 13, 2008

Sack Lunch

Bryn's Fall break is over and I sent her back to school this morning.  I had to make a lunch, like most days, and it was the same old PB&J with a fruit cup and bag of chips.   Sometimes I put in a box of raisins (which usually come back) or an apple (which comes back with two or three bites out of it).  I want to know what all of you are putting in your kids lunch.  Have any suggestions for something yummy and nutritious??


Stacy Family said...

My kids get to use a microwave at school so sometimes I send left overs with them (when it is their favorite food). Also because of the microwave I sometimes send little chef Boyardee meal. They also like it when I send them with a wrap, fruit cup or applesauce, and of course a treat of some kind. I try to make their lunches healthy but I am not sure that they always are - sometimes I just go for the yummy factor!

Jessica said...

So I was going to suggest some things and realized having a cold quesadilla is gross. Sorry! Hmmm, what about trail mix or popcorn? ha ha. see, that was lame too! Oh well. I'll help you when I send Charlotte off to school.

deborah said...

pop tarts have fruit in the middle... try those, i bet they won't come home in the bag